Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
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Located inside the Libro Recreation Centre Amherstburg, Ontario.

Unique Treatment Techniques

I love working with both Elyse and Kyle! I find that their treatment techniques differ in a way that compliment each other and I have really seen the benefit of utilizing both physiotherapy and chiropractic into my self-care routine. I find that the issues I have with my neck diminish greatly when I keep up …

Professionalism & Empathy

Elyse is professional and empathetic. She truly wants to solve your problem and make you feel better. Her treatments and advice have helped me live a better day to day life.

Real Answers

I love sending Elyse referrals. It makes my life way easier and I know she isn’t going to shut my clients down from exercise. She gives people real answers and keeps them moving – it’s a win-win.

Tension in my Neck

Kyle really helped me understand the benefits that chiropractic care has to offer. After my first adjustment, I could tell that his treatment techniques were something that really helped ease the tension in my neck. I have also referred members of my family and some friends to see him – everyone has been satisfied! If …

Decreasing Muscle Pain

I was initially skeptical that physiotherapy would help with decreasing my muscle pain. I have seen Elyse Waters for a couple of issues over the past five years and have been incredibly impressed with the positive results and impact on my mobility. Elyse performs comprehensive assessments at every appointment in order to develop and modify …

Effective Treatments

Elyse quickly determined the cause of my symptoms and was able to provide effective treatments to offer me relief. Her treatments are targeted and productive. Elyse’s knowledge, experience and determination have helped me to be more aware of my issues which has been helpful when speaking with my doctors to determine next steps. Elyse is …

Workout Injury

During a bench press workout I injured my shoulder and was taken to the emergency room where they assumed I dislocated my shoulder. Over the course of a month I was seen by emergency room doctors, my family doctor, a walk in doctor, 2 ultrasounds technicians, a massage therapist and another physiotherapist but my arm …